IT Staffing

Let us do the hard work by helping you find IT staff to suit your needs. Our filtering and selection process involves IT professionals who have experience in assessing candidate's skills and abilities to meet with the needs of the rewquirements at hand.

IT HR Department

The recruitment process of advertising, interviewing and hiring can be a lengthy and expensive one especially in a department where retention is low such as IT. Computhai shoulders all of this responsibility for its customers allowing them to experience a smooth and un interrupted service. 

Some of the procedures that we take out of our customers hands;

  • Hiring new IT staff - we have years of experience in spotting the brightest IT talent to work for us and you.
  • Training IT staff - without regualer training IT staff will fall behind in a fast paced industry.
  • Continuity - everytime you hire a new IT manager they have to familrise themselves with your company and vice versa.

After determining your requirements, we utilise multiple channels for recruiting, screen and filter the candidates, then present shortlisted candidates for client approval. After selection, we provide assistance if needed to ensure the staffing goes as smoothly as possible. In rare cases, we can change candidates or help with any staffing problems should they arise.


  • Determine Requirement
  • Search
  • Filtering + Screening
  • Candidate Presentation
  • Candidate Selection
  • Feedback / Appraisal

Typical Positions

  • IT Management
  • IT Support Personnel
  • Development
  • Specialised Skills (Cisco, SharePoint etc.)


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